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George Porter Jr - Fresh off the Jam Cruise!
Just off Jamcruise, bass legend George Porter Jr. sports a FUNKY KIDZ shirt with his wife Aralean
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Producer Lauren Busch Singer Interviewed by Preschool reveals a behind the scenes look at the recording and production of Funky Kidz!  Check out the whole interview here.

This kid is NOT messin around!  Get Funky wit' it!

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Production Notes:

executive producer: Lauren Busch Singer, ASAP Productions Inc.

produced by: All of the great musicians who participated in this recording

consulting producer: Tracey Freeman

assistant producer: Jake Singer

mixed by: Chris Finney at the Music Shed, New Orleans, LA
  *“Yellow Submarine” mixed by Erik Fletchrich

compilation consultant: Steve Alaimo

project advisor:  Keith Singer

mastered by: Bruce Barielle, New Orleans, LA

illustrations: Joanna Robinson & James Jarc, Inquiry Studios

design and layout: Laura Strickland/Inquiry Studios

manufactured in the US by Diskmakers

Executive Producer, Lauren Busch Singer with John "Papa" Gros and George Porter Jr.

& © 2007 ASAP PRODUCTIONS INC. All Rights Reserved.  Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.

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