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George Porter Jr - Fresh off the Jam Cruise!
Just off Jamcruise, bass legend George Porter Jr. sports a FUNKY KIDZ shirt with his wife Aralean
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Producer Lauren Busch Singer Interviewed by Preschool reveals a behind the scenes look at the recording and production of Funky Kidz!  Check out the whole interview here.

This kid is NOT messin around!  Get Funky wit' it!

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The Radiators

The Radiators are in their 30th year of providing some of the most intense live performances (over 3600 thus far!) of any band on the road today. Their intuitive grasp of each other's moves, coupled with a repertoire of nearly 1300 songs provides a basis for a fresh and spontaneous approach to their music.

The band formed in January 1978 in Keyboardist Ed Volker's garage. Ed, Frank Bua, and Camille Baudoin were performing in one band together, with Dave Malone and Reggie Scanlan in another. "Ed invited us to come over to his house and jam; Dave and I figured we'd have a few beers together and play a couple of blues tunes," remembers Scanlan, "instead, we jammed for five hours straight, then all quit our old bands the next day."

Since that legendary first jam session, the Radiators have developed into a strong national act, a result of their marathon length live shows and a relentless touring schedule. The Radiators quickly became one of New Orleans' hottest musical acts, then rose to national prominence as their fans spread the word across the country. In New York City, for example, crowds that started with transplanted Tulane University graduates dancing at the Lone Star Cafe steadily grew. This story has been echoed by similar ground swells rippling across the country.

Track 8 - Froggy Went A Courtin – The Radiators (5:11)
Public Domain

Vocals, guitar – Dave Malone
keyboards – Ed Volker
guitar – Camile Baudoin
bass – Reggie Scanlan
drums – Frank Bua Jr.
percussion – Mike Skinkus

Recorded at Word Of Mouth Studios, Algiers by Tim Stambaugh

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